Friday, January 25, 2013

Book Review: At First Bite by Ruth Ames

Reviewed by: Cheryl Tew Siew Ruin YR9S1

Find out what it is like to be teenage vampire.

Ever since she became a full-fledged vampire, things haven’t been east for twelve years old Ashlee Lambert. After moving from New York City to sunny Los Angeles, She’s excited to make a fresh new start.

But Ashlee never counted on a clique of popular mean girls or awful sunburns. Keeping her secret is suddenly than ever. And when something-or someone -  starts attacking people at her school, Ashlee realizes she’s not the only vampire in town. It’s up to Ashlee to figure out who’s behind the attacks before her cover is blown forever !!

Why you like it : cause it is about vampire

Rating out of five : 2 ½

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