Thursday, January 19, 2012

SRR News: The NEW SRR!

Our new one week loan section for popular books!
The New SRR with more books and more shelves.
We have a lot of booklovers at our school and some students like to read two or more books a week.  

Sometimes we miss our SRR periods and it can be weeks before we get to borrow books.  

You'll be happy to know that now you can BORROW BOOKS EVERY DAY!

It's true.  Our SRR Library Assistants will be opening the SRR every day for you. It will be open at the following times:

100's of brand new books are now on the shelves.
  • Monday and Wednesday at break
  • Tuesday and Thursday before school
  • Saturday after school until 1:30

There are just a few things to remember when visiting at open times:
  1. SRR open times are for borrowing books only
  2. No food, drinks, or bags are allowed in the SRR
  3. 8 students are allowed in the SRR at a time
  4. When busy, students may only browse for 5 minutes
  5. SRR Library Assistants are in charge
It's going to be a great year at the SRR.  Happy reading!

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