Friday, October 28, 2011

Book Preview: Max by James Patterson

Teenagers with wings.  How cool is that?
The fifth entry in Patterson's all-ages Maximum Ride fantasy/thriller series finds the teenaged title character facing her greatest challenge yet. Max, leading her flock of virtually indestructible part-human/part-bird hybrids, must rescue her human mom, kidnapped by a criminal mastermind with an elaborate plan to wreak worldwide ecological catastrophe. But in order to rescue her, 14-year-old Max and the five younger members of her flock (genetically developed by an environmental group) must team up with the U.S. Navy to determine why millions of fish are dying off the coast of Hawaii. All this, and Max is falling in love, too.

For the past year we have had a few of the Maximum Ride novels kicking around but nobody was reading them.  Then, all of a sudden, they became really popular.  Girls have been reading the books and loving them even though we don't have the complete series.  

I guess it is no surprise.  These books have been on the Teens' Top Ten list for years so they must be interesting.

Mary to the rescue!  Our book angel, Mary, has very kindly filled out our collection.  She recently sent us hardcover copies of Max (#5) and School's Out (#2).  In the mail, she has two copies of book #1.  As well she has ordered us new copies of the other books we are missing in this series from bookdepository.  Thanks so much to Mary for her unbelievable generosity.  

The books Mary sent from Bookdepository are:
1.  The Angel Experiment (#1)
2.  Fang (#6)
3.  Angel (#7)

As well, this month Mary sent us a number of other incredibly beautiful books:  two new copies of City of Ashes (wow!), three hardcovers of Chicken Soup (yahoo!), two incredible hardcover and two lovely paperback Meg Cabot books (nice!), a hardcover of the ever-popular Cathy Cassidy book called Lucky Star, as well as a hardcover of The Ghost's Child (cool!).  Thanks again Mary!

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