Thursday, June 2, 2011

SRR News: Mary, Our Book Angel

Harry Potter fans never fear....our book angel Mary is here!

With so many girls reading Harry Potter the last couple of months, HP fever is certainly taking hold of the school.  And it is just in time for Harry Potter Day and the final movie coming out in July.

Sadly, our collection of HP books is not as extensive as we'd like.  A couple of years ago we were down to just three HP books in total.  However, we've built up a fairly good collection of Philosopher's Stone and a few of the other books now. 

That said, we still only have ONE copy of The Goblet of Fire so that has made it very difficult for girls who are trying to read the entire series.  Never fear, Mary to the rescue.  In addition to the four copies of Sorcerer's Stone she has already sent us, our wonderful book angel Mary has sent the following books which are now flying to Brunei as I write this entry:

The Sorcerer's Stone - One copy
The Chamber of Secrets - Four copies
The Prisoner of Azkaban - Two copies
The Goblet of Fire - Three copies
The Order of the Phoenix - Three copies
The Half Blood Prince - Three copies
Deathly Hallows - One copy

Amazing!!!  Thanks for saving us Mary.  The three copies of The Goblet of Fire will really help.  Soon we should have enough copies of the books for everyone to complete the series.  

When these books arrive, Mary will have donated a whopping 299 books to the SRR!!! Isn't that incredible?  Thank so much for your incredible generosity Mary.

Are you one of STPRI's book lovers?  Have you read one of Mary's books?  Have a look at the list and count how many of Mary's books you've read.  Click on the link below:

Complete List of Mary's 299 Donated Books

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