Wednesday, April 6, 2011

SRR News: Our New Manga Collection

Anna, the daughter of our beloved book angel Mary from the USA, has donated a box of anime to us.

The books were specially selected by Anna for you and the variety of books should appeal to our fans at the school.

If you love anime, you'll want to visit the SRR when the collection is unveiled this week.  Listen for the announcement before breaktime and head over to the SRR for a first look at all the new books.

Also take a look at the bulletin board to read Anna's letter addressed to you, the girls of STPRI.  She has even included a photo! 

Thanks to Anna for her amazing generosity.  I'm certain all of our anime fans are going to enjoy the books that you chose for them.!

BTW, here is the list of books that Mary still has for us.  Are there any titles that you would really, really like sent to us ASAP?  Let us know...

Anzai, Nobuyuki    Flame of Recca
Be-PaPas    Revolutionary Girl: Utena
Clamp    Shirahime-Syo
Clamp    Rayearth: Magic Knight
DeFilippis & Weir    Luna: Amazing Agent
Hajime, Ueda    Q.Ko-Chan The Earth Invader Girl
Hayashi, Fumino    Neon Genesis Evangelion: Angelic Days
Hayashi, Fumino    Neon Genesis Evangelion: Angelic Days
Hatori, Bisco    Ouran High School: Host Club
Hidaka, Banri    Tears of A Lamb
Ice Kunion    2005 Ice Kunion Sampler
iida, Haruko    Crescent Moon
Koge-Donbo    Kamichama: Karin Chu
Mizushiro, Setona    X-Day
Nanase, Aoi    Angel Dust
Nightow, Yasuhiro    Trigun
Okamoto, Keiko    Corrector Yui: Corrector Initialize
Patterson, James    Maximum Ride
Sadamoto, Yoshiyuki    Neon Genesis Evangelion
Saiga, Reiji    Realbout Highschool
Tomino, Yoshiyuki    Brain Powered
Tomizawa, Hitoshi    Aliennine Emulators
Tokyopop    The rising Stars of Manga
Yeo-Jin, Jan    Saint Marie

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