Wednesday, April 6, 2011

SRR News: Autographed Maria V. Snyder Books Arrive

Earlier this year STPRI's fans of Maria V. Snyder were surprised with a set of autographed books donated by the bestselling writer, herself.

The Study Series has been very popular with the girls at our school for the past two years and students have only recently been introduced to the Glass Series.

In addition, Maria has included her more recent novel Inside Out which has quickly become a popular read with her fans at the school. Maria was also kind enough to send us a large number of autographed bookmarks so feel free to drop by the English Dept. and ask Mr. Jason. Just ask him, "Could I please have a Maria V. Snyder autographed bookmark?"

Look for the books in the SRR or get special permission to borrow an autographed copy from Mr. Jason's Special Collection. Of course, you'll need to promise to take very, very good care of them!

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