Friday, December 31, 2010

Welcome to The Reading Room Blog!!!

For the girls of STPRI,

We've all been in your position before.  You've just finished an amazing novel and you feel like your life is empty.  You need something fresh and new to keep you going.  What are you going to read now?  This blog is the answer to that eternal question. 

Check our NEW BOOK ANNOUNCEMENTS and skim our BOOK PREVIEWS to keep updated on all the great new books arriving in the Senior Reading Room.  You may also waitlist for new books here.  Just leave your name and class in the comments section of the book and visit the English Department to pick it up.

Read or contribute BOOK REVIEWS so you'll know what book to read next.  Find a reviewer who shares your interest in a certain type of book and find out what she has read and liked.

Suggest a book for our SHOPPING LIST so we know what you like to read and we can try to get you books by your favourite authors. 

Enter our CONTESTS to win fabulous prizes!

Welcome to The Reading Room.  We hope you enjoy your stay.

Mr Jason

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